I Read: Stuart Little by E.B. White

This book had been on my ‘to-read’ list for a long time, and it did not disappoint. It’s also not like this book needs another great review, but that’s what I’ll give it.

It’s not a traditional novel, in the sense that it doesn’t follow one narrative path. Rather, it’s a series of stories in the life of Stuart Little, beginning with his beginning. They’re all tied together by the reoccurring characters but are not all directly related.

And they’re all delightful. They make you laugh and completely forget you’re reading about events that happen to a mouse-sized boy. Most of the time, he’s just a boy on daring adventures. They were entertaining to this adult, but through the eyes of a child, I have to think they’d be enthralling. Whether he’s racing boats or zooming around in a real, Stuart-sized car, or even getting thrown out with the trash, his life comes across as ever exciting, if not ideal. I also like how the novel doesn’t end with all the ties perfectly complete, just the hope that they will be one day.

Definitely a classic for a reason!


Worthless Review: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

(Worthless becase you’ve likely heard much about this already.)

Percy Jackson 2: Electric Boogaloo

Just kidding.

Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters

I’m really enjoying this series. In this second book, Percy and Annabeth set off on another quest, this time to save Grover and the Camp. There’s more action, more terrifying and evil monsters to challenge them. More twists. More turns. More mishaps.

I can’t say I liked it better than the first book, mainly because I rarely think a sequel is better in any media. Even if it’s as entertaining as the first one, it doesn’t have that surprise element that new discovery brings. At least for me. And it’s certainly not just this series, but any series. When you read a first book, you’re not just meeting the characters and learning the rules of their world, you’re also meeting the author and reading what he can do. So, with any second book, for me, there’s a little sheen knocked off by expectation and a sense of pre-existing knowledge.

But I digress. For the target audience, youngsters that want to be enthralled with what their reading, it’s another success. It’s full of adventure and easy to cheer for heroes. And, as series go, does a nice job answering enough questions to satisfy the reader, while posing even more, making it nearly impossible to not continue on to the next book.

Highly recommend.